Custom Cover Design Guidelines and Requirements

When you publish with Glasstree you have complete control over your content and cover designs; however, there are a few guidelines you must follow when designing your cover.

  • Cover dimensions are determined by the file size and number of pages in the interior file you upload.
  • Your cover must be designed to match the dimensions displayed in the cover template generated within the publishing tool.
  • Dimensions displayed in the cover template include a bleed area that will be trimmed from the cover. The bleed area is highlighted in light blue color.
  • Text and important illustration elements should be positioned at least 0.375"/0.9525 cm (.25"/0.635 cm bleed area + .125"/0.3175 cm safety area) from all edges (including the spine) of the cover. Due to slight variations in cover trimming, portions of the safety margin, indicated by dark blue, may be trimmed off or obscured by the cover bend.



If you plan to sell your work on sites other than Glasstree, your cover must also comply with the following industry requirements:


Front Cover

  • The title, subtitle, and author name(s) must be included in the book's front cover design
  • The title, subtitle, and author name(s) on the front cover must exactly match what's entered in the Glasstree publishing tool (the metadata) as well as your book's title page. What is metadata?
  • If including the retail price on the cover, it must exactly match the retail price for the book. Glasstree does not add the price to the book cover.
  • Glasstree recommends you not display prices on your cover. If you must include a retail price on the cover, choose the currency in which the book was originally priced, otherwise daily currency fluctuations will create a mismatch between the price printed on the cover and the actual retail price, resulting in your book being rejected for distribution.


Spine Text

  • If your book consists of less then 80 pages, we recommend you not include spine text in your cover design.
    NOTE: While Glasstree's printers can print spine text on books with as few as 80 pages, some distribution channels will only print spine text on books containing 130 or more pages. Therefore when ordering from various retailers, you should expect inconsistencies in spine printing for books with 80-130 pages. 
  • If your cover design includes spine text, it must be at least 0.0625" / 0.159 cm away from the edge of the spine.


ISBN Bar Code

  • Place the correct 13-digit ISBN/EAN on the back cover.
  • Bar codes must be in black and white.
  • Bar codes dimensions 1.75" wide x 1" high (4.445 x 2.54 cm).


It is up to you to ensure your book cover meets these requirements. If your book is submitted for distribution and fails to meet any of these requirements, it will be rejected. 


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