Author Revenue Payments

Author revenues are based on payments received by Glasstree for your content. This means that your revenues may be adjusted for refunds or fraudulent orders for which Glasstree does not receive payment. We make a good faith effort to pay you based on the the payee information associated with your published projects.  Additional terms of payment are provided in the Glasstree Membership Agreement.

To receive revenue payments, your accumulated revenues amount to $5 or more, and payee tax and address information must be complete.

Author revenues are paid monthly, in the month following sales. For example, you will receive payment in March for revenue earned in February provided earned revenues exceed the $5 minimum payment threshold. Revenue payments are credited to your PayPal account on or before the last day of the month.

Note: If you update or edit your payee information, your monthly payment may be delayed.

Paypal payments are currently issued in US Dollars only. In the near future, payments will also be available in Canadian and Australian Dollars, Euros, British Pound Sterling, and Swiss Francs.

The $5 minimum threshold must be met for sales in that revenue period. For example, your revenue for sales made in the month of February must total $5 or more in order to receive a payment in March. Unpaid revenues totaling less than $5 will roll into the next payment period. 

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