Tracking Shipments

Most shippers provide tracking numbers to help ensure the safe arrival of your order. Packages with tracking numbers are scanned at each checkpoint on their journey, allowing the packages to be tracked as they move through the shipper's system to their destination. If an issue arises with a package, the location is readily identified and makes recovery more likely. If tracking data does not show for your order and the estimated ship time has not yet passed, there is no need to panic. In times of high package volume a shipment is often not scanned into the system until it reaches a regional hub near the destination.


Will I receive a tracking number?

Yes. When your package ships, we will email a shipping notification that includes a tracking number to the email address associated with your order. In most cases, the tracking number will be displayed as a clickable link that when clicked will open your order's tracking form.

Note: It may take up to 24 hours after your receive your shipping notification before tracking details are updated in the shipper's tracking system.


Can I track US Mail deliveries?

Glasstree's standard US Mail option is actually a hybrid service called FedEx SmartPost.

How does this system work?

FedEx picks up your package from our US printer's location and then delivers it to the US Postal Service sorting facility nearest the shipping address. The US Postal Service then delivers the package to the local address.

Packages delivered by this method are tracked from the FedEx site.

Note: There may be a 24-hour delay between the time you receive your shipping notification and the time your package is scanned into the FedEx tracking system. Tracking is not yet available for international shipments originating from the USA using this system. 




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