Glasstree Paper, Ink, & Binding Options

Paper Stock

Glasstree uses FSC certified, lead-free, acid-free, buffered paper made from wood-based pulp. Our paper meets the ISO 9706 standard for permanent paper. As such, Glasstree paper will last several hundred years when stored in an optimal environment.

White Uncoated

60# | 89gsm | 94% Brightness | 444ppi.
Smooth, Uncoated Paper | Inkjet and Toner Printing | Grayscale (B&W) and Standard Color
Suitable for textbooks, workbooks and light color content.

Cream Uncoated

60# | 89gsm | 96% Brightness | 454ppi.
Smooth, Uncoated Paper | Inkjet and Toner Printing | Grayscale only (no color)
Suitable for literature, workbooks and supplementary materials.

Coming Soon

White Coated

80# | 118gsm | 94% Brightness | 488ppi
Smooth, Coated Paper |Toner Printing | Color only.
Suitable for works with many images, high color content and page coverage.
Provides a luxurious look and feel.


Printing Options

Glasstree authors can choose to print their work using standard Inkjet or premium Toner technologies. Select the print option best suited for your content and your budget. One of the perks of self-publishing is that you are in control of your book. You decide how it will look, so make the choice that is best for you and your readers.

Grayscale (Inkjet)

Standard grayscale print is the most cost-effective printing option. Books with few graphics or formatted abstracts will look great with this striking black and white, monochrome print.

Standard Color (Inkjet)

Standard color provides a cost-conscious option for content that does not require high page coverage or heavy color. If your work includes colored text, small highlighted areas, or charts and graphs choose this option to make a statement without ruining the budget.

Premium Color (Toner)

Best print quality, available on all color paper products. Makes photo books, portfolios, and high-resolution images look their best. Consider this option when you want your work to speak for you.


Binding Options

At this time, Glasstree authors can publish and print perfect bound books. Additional binding options will soon be available in all markets.


The standard softcover book:  pages are aligned, cut together and glued. The cover is constructed from a strong flexible layer of 100#, 270gsm stock material. The visible portion of the spine is part of this flexible layer. Cover finish is available in either gloss or matte lamination.
Min/Max Page count: 32-740.


Coming Soon

Coil Bound

Black plastic spiral coil, bound through punched holes along the entire length of the spine. The hinge at the spine is fully flexible. Front and back cover are full color prints on 100#, 270gsm cover stock. Book opens to lay flat for laboratory manuals, notebooks, and supplementary materials. Cover finish is available in either gloss or matte lamination.
Min/Max Page count: 2-400.

Saddle Stitch

Folded pages stapled along the center filled with 100#, 270gsm cover stock. Cover finish is available in either gloss or matte lamination. Suitable for guides, workbooks and periodicals.
Min/Max Page count: 4-48 pages in multiple of 4.
Note: Glasstree will add white pages until page count is divisible by 4.


Hardcover book with a full color, 80#, 270gsm cover stock wrapped around .088 Binders Board. Cover finish is available in either gloss or matte lamination. Best for textbooks, albums, collections, graphic covers, and yearbooks. Includes white endsheets inside the cover.
Min/Max Page count 24-800.

Dust Jacket

Hardcover book featuring poly cotton blend fabric with an aqueous acrylic coating wrapped around .088 Binders Board, available in Navy, Black, Red, Green, Tan, Gray. Title and Author foil stamping available in Gold, Black, and White. The entire book is wrapped with a dust jacket cover with interior cover folds. Dust jacket cover finish is available in either gloss or matte lamination. Includes white endsheets inside the cover. Suitable for literature, albums, luxury touches.
Min/Max Page count 24-800.


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