Illustration Services

A well-conceived program of supporting illustrations can significantly enhance the pedagogy of almost any academic book. The right illustration can convey substantial amounts of information and take advantage of the reader’s visual learning capabilities.

The best art programs start with the author during the writing process, thinking about any visual presentations that will help explain their content and provide the reader with additional clarity. Working with a development editor to expand and refine the program during the developmental editing process is the next stage to bringing the program to maturity.

The end product of this art development effort is an art manuscript that can follow its own workflow through the rendering process.

When the art program is fully conceptualized, the process begins with working with the right artist to bring to life the concepts that the author envisions. Having a talented, trained illustrator with expertise in the author’s discipline is an invaluable asset to a successful program. The artist will develop the art style and color palette best suited to the art and manage the rendering of the art using a pool of qualified artists that they manage.

Proofs of all renderings are provided for comment and approval to the author to ensure that the renderings were completed as conceived.

For more information and options, see Illustration Rendering Services: Capturing Concepts Visually.

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