How much will my book cost?

Manufacturing Cost

The final cost of our books is dependent on the book type you choose. Factors such as book size, binding type, paper quality, color content and number of pages affects the total cost of a book. The way to calculate the cost of your book on Glasstree is by beginning the publication process in your Glasstree account. You do not have to complete the process and publish your book before you are ready, but you will go through the steps of uploading your file(s) for your book and make the appropriate selections for the book you intend to create.  

In the Glasstree publishing tool, you would enter identifying information (title, author, keywords) for your book, select the print quality and color content and upload the formatted manuscript as a PDF file. After you upload the interior file successfully, you will see a screen like one below that shows the book cost. The file you upload doesn't have to be the final draft of your manuscript, but it will need to be the final number of pages and the correct page size in order for the cost to be accurate. 





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