ORCID (Open Researcher and Contributor ID) is a unique identifier for authors and contributors of academic research. Researchers who do not already have an ORCID ID can register for one in less than 1 minute here. The ID distinguishes authors via an alphanumeric code that is persistent over time and integrates research workflows across platforms. Supplying your ORCID ID on Glasstree means your publications will be connected to your previously published work and professional experience.


ORCID and Glasstree

As ORCID identifiers have become more ubiquitous, publishers, journals, grant-making organizations, and more have included them in their databases. Glasstree has incorporated ORCID IDs into the publication process so that your work can be integrated into other repositories for research.

When publishing your book on Glasstree, you can add your ORCID ID when typing in the author information for the publication as shown in the example below.




For more information and details about ORCID, please visit their site.

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