Duplication and Revision

Glasstree does not allow publication files or locked metadata to be revised once it has been made available on the Glasstree Bookstore, through retail distribution, or through Open Access Channels. Certain items can be revised without creating a duplication (ex: Description, Field of Study, Publication type and Sales Intent). Duplication is required to make significant changes to the book.

The ISBN/ISSN will also be locked to a published project and cannot be reused. To make changes such as this to a published work, the book or ebook must be duplicated. A duplicate must use a new ISBN and will be subject to any publishing fees.

If you believe you will need to review a proof and potentially make any changes before finalizing, please create a book in PRIVATE Access and DO NOT apply an ISBN. There are no publishing fees for a book in PRIVATE access, and this book can be reviewed by you prior to making it accessible to the public. Once a proof is reviewed, you can duplicate the project to add the ISBN and select Sales Intent.


To duplicate a published project, go to Publish and select the menu link for the book you wish to Duplicate. From the drop down, select Duplicate.


The duplicate project will load with all the allowable metadata copied to the new project. This includes the title, author, description, files (for interior and cover), field of study, and type of publication. The ISBN and copyright information will not be copied and must be entered for the duplication. This requires the use of a new ISBN for the duplicated project.

Included and editable in a duplication:

  • Title / Subtitle
  • Author(s)
  • Description
  • Interior File
  • Cover File
  • Field of Study
  • Type of Publication
  • Keywords
  • Peer Review Status

Not included in a duplication:

  • ISBN
  • Copyright
  • Sales Intent
  • DOI


Some information can be updated without duplicating the book or ebook. This information can be accessed by clicking on the book's title thumbnail on the Publish page.

Information that can be revised:

  • Description
  • Field of Study
  • Additional Information
  • Distribution Status

Please note that updating your distribution status from Private to a status available for sale will require setting a list price, registering a payee, and possibly paying any publishing fees.

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