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Glasstree is designed to return control to academic authors. Our publishing tools allow academic authors to design and publish textbooks, monographs, theses, articles, and other digital academic materials specifically for their audience and market. Glasstree supports both standard copyright and open access ebook distribution.

In the Glasstree publishing tool, authors enter identifying information (metadata) for their ebook, upload the formatted manuscript in PDF format, design and upload a cover, and publish their work under the license and access appropriate for their work. Within minutes of publication, your ebook will be available for download around the world.


What you need to know

The ebook publishing tool is divided into eight steps. All mandatory fields (designated by *) in a step must be completed before progressing to the next step.

Your entries and selections are automatically saved when you complete a field. At any time before you publish your work, you can return to a previously completed field to edit information or change selections.


Publishing Checklist

As you progress through the publishing tool, you will need the following:

  • Title and final version of your description / synopsis / abstract
  • List of authors and contributors
  • Formatted PDF file
    - Embed all fonts
    - Flatten all layers
  • Cover design
    - Select from Glasstree's pre-configured covers
    - Upload a custom designed cover image
  • Payment information for all payees including full name, SSN/EIN, and PayPal account information


Step 1: About This Ebook

Enter the title, description, and categorization details for your work. This information will identify your work in bibliographic databases as well as the Glasstree bookstore and other retail outlets.

Title and Subtitle

The title and subtitle entered here will be registered with international bibliographic databases and catalogs. It will also display on your ebook cover, the publication page in the Glasstree bookstore, and all other online retail outlets. The title and subtitle text entered here must exactly match the title displayed on your manuscript's title page.

If this work is published with an ISBN or ISSN, the title cannot be changed following publication.

Description / Abstract

The description text describes or summarizes your work. The text will display on your publication page in the Glasstree bookstore and all other online retail sites.

Field of Study

Select the field of study under which your ebook will be categorized. Options are based on the US National Academy of Sciences* taxonomy supplemented by additional categories interlinked with BISAC coding.

Additional Information

Select the publication type, peer review status, and intended audience from the available lists. Enter keywords that will help people locate your work using online search engines.

 *We acknowledge the kind contributions of The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine to our subject classification taxonomy.  The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine, 500 Fifth Street, NW | Washington, DC 20001 | T. 202.334.2000 Copyright © 2016. National Academy of Sciences. All rights reserved.


Step 2: Authors and Contributors

Click Add Contributor to enter the names and roles for major contributors (author, co-author, editor, etc.) in their order of precedence. Names listed here will be displayed in the same order on your ebook cover (if you choose to use the Glasstree generated cover), online product listings, and bibliographic databases.

  • Choose Person or Institution and complete all mandatory fields.
  • Click Save to save the entry.
  • To add another contributor, click Add Contributor.
  • Repeat this process until all authors and contributors are listed.
  • Enter the author and institution names in the same order and spelled exactly as they appear on your manuscript's title page.
  • Reorder contributors by dragging and dropping an entry into the desired position.

To ensure accurate citation tracking, enter each contributor's Open Researcher Contributor Identification (ORCID). This identification will be associated with the Digital Object Identifier (DOI) assigned to the work.

Publishing Note: List secondary or minor contributors on your ebook's acknowledgments page.


Step 3: Copyright Information

Select a copyright license type. Choose whether you wish to assign an International Standard Book Number (ISBN) to your work. Note that an ISBN is required if you wish to sell this work on retail sites other than Glasstree. You must also assign an ISBN if you wish to apply a Digital Object Identifier (DOI) to this ebook.


Choose the copyright license under which you will publish this work.

  • Public Domain
  • Some Rights Reserved (Creative Commons)
  • All Rights Reserved (Standard Copyright)

When an option is selected, additional information about the license and its usage displays.


An ISBN identifies an ebook by its title, author(s), edition, format, and distributor. An ISBN is required if your ebook will be tagged with a Digital Object Identifier (DOI) - regardless of where it will be distributed for purchase.

Enter the Copyright Holder's name and the Copyright Year

Choose from the following ISBN requirement options:

Do you have an ISBN?

  • No and I don't need one
    Your ebook is being printed for personal use, will only be available for purchase in the Glasstree bookstore and will not require a DOI.
  • No, but I would like to get one
    Glasstree will provide a free ISBN that will be registered with your ebook's identifying information. Your ebook will be reported to retailers and bibliographic databases as being published under the Glasstree imprint. Following publication, you may submit your work for DOI assignment.
  • Yes, I want to add it to my ebook now
    Enter the ISBN and registered Imprint name. Click Assign ISBN to apply your previously purchased and registered ISBN to this ebook.

Publishing Note: If you wish utilize Open Access, or to add a Digital Object Identifier (DOI) to your ebook, it must be published with an ISBN. Once an ebook is published with an ISBN, identifying information and book format cannot be changed. To change title, author, publisher or distributor information of a published ebook, you must create a new project and publish with a new ISBN.

Publishing Note: You cannot reuse an ISBN, even if it's from Lulu Press.


Text for your copyright notice is generated based on your licensing and ISBN selections. If your manuscript's copyright page does not include a copyright notice, click Copy to copy this text. Then paste it onto your manuscript's copyright page.


Step 4: Upload

The PDF file you upload for your ebook must be one file that includes all front matter (title page, copyright notice, table of contents, preface, etc.), main text, and back matter (glossary, index, appendices, etc.). Your PDF must also comply with the following requirements:

  • All fonts must be embedded
  • Flatten all layers and transparencies
  • Max file size = 250MB

Glasstree will analyze your PDF file to ensure it complies with all requirements. The results of this analysis are displayed upon completion of the upload. If issues are detected, a failure notice displays along with a list of issues to be corrected.

If you receive a failure notification during upload, make the suggested corrections to your manuscript file and re-upload it.


Step 5: Sales Intent

Choose whether to offer your ebook as a free, open access download or to make it available for purchase in the Glasstree bookstore. You may change this option at anytime.

  • Open Access
    When set to open access, Anyone may search for this ebook, view its product page and download it for free. You can change this option at any time. Your ebook will be listed with Open Access channels and academic directories. Open Access ensures your ebook is readily available for researchers, academics, and the general public to use for citation and study. For more information on Open Access, click here.
  • Sell on Glasstree
    Anyone may search for this ebook, view its product page and purchase it. You will be asked to set a list price and enter payee information. You can change this option at any time.
  • Distribution to online retailers
    If you are interested in distribution, please check our main site


Step 6: Cover Design

You may choose to publish using a Glasstree cover design or upload a custom cover.

Generate Cover

The Glasstree publishing tool generates a branded ebook cover that displays the title, subtitle, and author names on the cover image. Color options are available.  

Upload Cover

If you choose to upload custom designed cover art, the file dimensions of the shortest side must be greater than 1400 pixels and not exceed 2 MB.  We recommend an image resolution of 300 dpi. Your cover art must include the title, subtitle, and author name(s) spelled exactly as they are displayed on the manuscript’s title page.


Step 7: Pricing

If you choose to offer your work for sale, you set the retail price and determine the revenue you will earn from each purchase.

Open Access

If you chose Open Access as your publishing option, your eBook price will be set to $0.00 and will be available to download at no cost from the Glasstree bookstore.

Note: There is a $20/year hosting fee for ebooks published using Open Access.

Price Calculation

Enter a list price for your work. You may set the list price for your ebook at or above the $1.99 base cost. The base cost covers transaction fees and transmission of the purchased book to customers.

Any amount above the base cost is considered Net Profits. Revenue splits are calculated based on the net profits. Total revenue is the amount authors earn from sales of this ebook.


Enter payment information for all authors, contributors and/or institutions who will receive revenue from sales of this work. At least one Payee must be created before your work can be listed in bookstores for purchase.

For all payees, enter the following information:

  • First and last name
  • US residence status
  • PayPal email address and preferred currency
  • Address and phone number
  • Taxpayer ID or Social Security Number

Click Add a Payee for additional payee forms.

When there are multiple payees, you must assign a percent of revenue to each payee. Select the payee and enter the percentage they will earn from sales of this work. When assigning individual revenue shares, the sum of all shares must equal 100%.

If all payees will share equally in revenues, click Share Evenly.

 Tax Information

Glasstree is located in the United States of America and is subject to US tax laws. When we make a royalty payment, we are required to withhold default US income taxes for sales made or delivered within the United States. To change the default withholding percentage, each payee must download, complete, and upload the tax form displayed next to their name in this section.


Step 8: Review and Publish

Before you publish your work, review the ebook file,  and confirm the table of contents is accurate.

Complete the pre-publication checklist to confirm your work complies with all publishing requirements. If necessary, you may edit or update any of the information in the above steps prior to publishing.

Important Note: If your ebook includes an ISBN, the title, subtitle, and author names will be locked following publication meaning they cannot be edited. Take a moment now to confirm the title, subtitle and authors listed on your ebook's title page exactly match the information entered in the fields above.

Click Pay and Publish to select your publishing package and publish your ebook.  Once your publishing fee is paid, the ebook will be published. If you selected to sell your ebook in the Glasstree Bookstore or Open Access, your listing will be active and available for purchase within minutes. If you selected to keep your work private, you may access your ebook from the publications page within your Glasstree account.

Once you finish the publication, it cannot be revised, but it can be duplicated. Any changes you wish to make after this point, will require making a new project utilizing the Duplicate function in your account.

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